What is storm damage?

There are two types of damage caused by storms: wind and hail. Wind damage is classified as either missing or broken shingles. Hail damage is caused during a hail storm. The hail hits the shingles leaving a very specific type of mark. It knocks the granular off the shingles and also breaks or bruises the fiberglass membrane in the center of the shingle.

How could a new roof possibly lower my insurance?

Insurance companies commonly see a new roof as less of a liability on the home, in return reducing the yearly premiums for homeowners.

What is a roof replacement? How much does it cost?

Roof replacement is the term used to describe the tear off and re-installation of the new roof as a whole. New roofs are priced two different ways. New roof insurance replacement, RW Roofing uses a pricing software program that is widely accepted with insurance companies. Insurance roof replacement work must meet code and compliance standards as well as related criteria. New Roof replacement estimates take into account all of the materials needed and labor and are submitted on the homeowner’s behalf to the insurance company. RW Roofing makes it easy for the homeowner, and the homeowner generally has a small deductible. We have extensive insurance knowledge and experienced claims specialist to walk you through the entire process.

How is a new roof priced if we want to pay direct?

Pricing for a cash sale (non-insurance roof replacement) is done slightly different. It based off of a square price. A square of shingles is 100 square feet. RW Roofing will calculate a new roof estimate, by finding the square count on the roof and take into account the quality materials the homeowner wants to use and generate an exact price. The same way, but not submitted thru any insurance software application. A written estimate is provided.

What is included in a new roof quote?

A new roof price encompasses the tear off, removal, and re-installation of shingles, underlayment, drip edge, vents, and pipe boots. We also replace any rotten decking that is found upon tear off of the old roof. New roofs will be brought up to current new roof building code (as of 2010).

Why is a warranty important for a new roof?

A new roof warranty is important because it protects the homeowner from any manufacturer defects and improper installation for the new roof.

How fast is a new roof put on by RW Roofing?

A new roof average install time is 1-2 days. However, the weather, size of the roof, and amount of rotten wood found can impact completion. RW Roofing protects the home thru the new roofing process. New roof estimates are typically one day install time.

How long does it take new roof replacement insurance claims to be approved?

Insurance replacement for us, in most cases, two to five weeks for approval and completion. Insurance roof replacement requires trust and experience. RW Roofing works regularly with homeowners, to expedite any storm damage claim and complete the work in above average time, compared to other roofing companies.